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Nowadays, it’s important to develop a strong culture for your company. Why? First, it will help you take decision that are aligned with your goals. Then, you can ensure your employees are also aligned with those decisions. Finally, you will hire only people that have the same willingness and value than your company. It will enforce good spirit within the teams! 

How to develop a strong company culture?

It’s easy to list the benefits of a good and strong company culture. The difficult part comes when you have to create it! To help you out, we’ve listed for you the main elements we relied on when we created our own company culture in Go2Scale.

Company culture: what is it?

Let’s begin with a quick definition. A culture is the gathering of the values, goals, attitudes, and practices shared inside a company. Because it’s shared by all the employees and is visible by the people outside your team, it’s important to make sure your culture promotes the right intention for your business.

Build your company culture with your employee

This one can seem obvious, but actually many people forget to talk about the company culture with the people involve in it: the employees!

If you want to implement a strong culture within your company, you need to make sure all the employees believe in it. Otherwise, tensions might appear. In order to do so, you can ask them to help you define your company culture, and take company decision together.

Focus on your values

Values are the most significant element of your culture. It will help you define all the other components: goals, decisions, even the clients or suppliers you might work with!

To define your core values, you need to ask yourself: what is important for our organization? What defines us, and what can’t we accept in our company? Once you listed the answers to these questions, select the most significant values. Then, check with your team if they are really aligned with the way your company works.

Then, try to be a bit more precise about those values. Write them in a space accessible by all your team members. Develop why they are central to your business, and how they apply to the company’s every day life.

Our action at Go2Scale

To give you a more concrete example, we will present what we did at Go2Scale and show you how our values drive our journey.

Our values, core of our company’s life

At Go2Scale, we build our entire company around 4 values:

📌 Transparency: within the team and with our clients. We speak of everything concerning the company between our team. We also have a weekly point to do an overview of our work and issues we might face.

📌 User at the core of our priority: we develop a solution and a product for our users. In this idea, we try to always focus on our users’ need, and prioritize them in order to organize our work.

📌 Sharing: we have dedicated time in the week when anybody can speak out load about any subject related to the company. It can be: presenting a new tool to the team, talk about something we saw in an ad… Even an improvement we can implement in our processes.

Furthermore, the managers are always available to talk about any personal/ professional issues the team might face, and try to work together to find solutions.

📌 Efficiency: talking is nice, but we never talk without a goal. All our meetings are time-boxed, and we try to identify actions to do at the end of each of them. Same for our work: we follow Agile methods, and work in sprints with identified goals, in order to be as efficient as possible.

Our decision-making process

When we take a decision, no matter how many employees, clients or users are concerned by it, we try as much as we can to rely on our values to take it. It means that, for each decision, we need the solution to fit to at least 3 of our 4 values!

For example: in the company, all our agenda are accessible for every employee. Anyone in the company can see when we have a meeting, the subject, or when we will be available. We even have shared calendar for our days off and the days we work in remote!

This decision was taken in team. It corresponds to the value of efficiency (it’s easier to plan meetings when you know your coworkers’ availability), to the transparency (everything is written in clear), and of sharing!

See how it works? If we can tie an idea to 3 of our values, it means it’s not a good idea for our company. And we try to find something better, that matches more our vision! It took time for everyone to adopt this strategy, but it’s now a reflex in our teams.

Why a strong company culture is important?

It’s quite simple to make sure everyone agrees with the company decision when you are a startup, and they are only 6 people working with you. But when your company grows, you won’t be able to have feedback from every employee anytime to take a decision! And the employees can’t wait for your approval for every decision they need to make. Relying on your values, you establish a frame anyone can rely on to take actions that will respect the company position and processes. This reinforces your brand image!