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As a manager, it can be very hard to decide if you should involve your team in the decision-making process. And in reality, there is no right answer to this question, just the solution that fits most in your situation. Yes, even when you work following Scrum’s methods! Let’s see together the pros and cons to take a decision with all the team 👇🏻 

The pros to take decision in team

If your teammates feel like they can share with you their issues and point of view, you will promote exchanges in your company. Involving your team when taking a strategic decision for the company can have benefits, for both the team and the company.

Pro #1: get feedback from the field

As a manager (or any management position with responsibilities), you don’t always have all the knowledge you might need to take a decision. Talking about it with your team will help you gather insights on how things can be done in the field. This way, you can take an informed decision!

Pro #2: gather new ideas

Letting your team speak when a decision need to be taken is the opportunity to collect more than just concerns. You’ll get everyone’s point of view, and also ideas! Because sometimes, the solution you are going to pick (or the decision you’ll make) comes from people who you talked too, and ideas exchanges in group. You can’t have all the solution in your head! Taking a step back is quite useful.

Pro #3: find the best solution

You know the saying: “Alone, I go faster; together, we go further”. Well, it’s never been more true! Working as a team, you’ll gather all the points of view, and have a global vision of all the blocking points, issues and possible solutions that exists. This way, you’ll be sure to take the decision that would be the more feasible for everyone.

Pro #4: identify team involvements & new skills

By asking questions to your team and let them express themselves on any subjects, you could identify skills you didn’t know inside your team, such as empathy or leadership.

It can help you identify who is interested in talking about other fields, and maybe determine to whom you could delegate certain subjects in the future. 

The cons to take decision in team

Of course, they are also some cons to take decisions in team 👇🏻

Con #1: it’s time-consuming

Taking a decision in a team will require more time than if you were to take it alone. Indeed, you’ll need to gather your team and let every people express their opinion. Then you’ll have to discuss with all of them, and make compromises in order to find the best solution for everyone. Even if it becomes simpler with time, it’s always time-consuming and requires more effort than deciding on its own.

Con #2: it can be frustrating

Sometimes, not everyone is happy when a group decision is taken. Sure, it isn’t the case every time, but it can happen. People whose solution hasn’t been taken on can become frustrated, and feel like they haven’t been listened to. 

To limit it, you can implement a rule when taking a team-decision: once the majority has voted for a solution, all the team members most adopt it, event if it wasn’t their idea!

Con #3: is not always adapted

Taking a team-decision can be helpful in some case, but isn’t always adapted to your need. Some strategical orientation or company-based decision can only be taken by the people with the most knowledge on the subject. 

For example, the marketing team won’t be asked to choose the programming language the technical team should use to develop your client’s platform. Likewise,  the accounting shouldn’t have a say in the diffusion list you create for the emailing campaign. 

Con #4: people might not care and lose interest

Sometimes, team members are not interested to participate, and they feel annoyed about the meetings. Like we said above, not everyone should have a say in every decision. If you don’t choose properly which people should be in the meeting, your team might lose interest and patience.

What we choose at Go2Scale

We listed the main pros and cons of taking decision in team. But having all these bullet points doesn’t tell you how you can implement it in your company to ease the decision-making process! At Go2Scale, we try as much as possible to involve our team in strategical decision. Here’s why 👇🏻

Make sure our  team is  invested in the solution we chose

At Go2Scale, we want to be sure that every one works in the same direction. This is why we involve all the employees every time we can. By giving them a word in the evolution process, we make sure that everyone agrees with the final decision. It’s more easy to ensure they’ll accept the changes!

Of course, we noticed the con’s points above, and we try to work around them, without ignoring them.

Our secret recipe

Actually, secret recipe’s doesn’t exist. We try several formats, and those are the rules we pull out and try to respect in the company 👇🏻  

  • All our agenda are opened. Everyone can see all our meetings, and can ask to join it if they feel they have a place in it.
  • People that are not essential for a meeting are put in Facultative in the event’s invite.
  • We respect a box-timing for each meeting, and write a report where the main points and solutions chosen are written and accessible for everyone.
  • Finally, every one can say that they don’t have their place in a meeting, and ask to leave. If everyone agrees, the person leave and go back to his/her work.