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Saving time is something we all want, especially when we are developing an apps or software. The arrival of CI/CD already helped developers gain hours, but it still requires time developers could use to add value for the final user. R2Devops can help you there, but that’s not all! In this article, we’ll present you the benefits of using R2Devops’ pipeline generator to build your CI/CD pipeline.

What is a CI/CD pipeline generator?

The Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are two processes used in DevOps.

The CI is the integration of the changes your team do in your code as soon as they are pushed on the repository. As soon as a change is committed, automated build and test processes are performed to validate the accuracy of the change. Defects are detected as early as possible in the development cycle from the developer’s branch. With CI, developers merge their code changes back into the main branch as often as possible.

The benefits of R2Devops pipeline generator

CD is the continuity of CI. Continuous Deployment goes even further than continuous delivery, by automatically orchestrating the deployment of applications to the customer with every change. By speeding up the customer feedback loop, the gains can be huge in terms of software quality, project time, results and development costs. The time to market is also considerably reduced.

As we said previously, create your CI/CD pipeline requires time. You need to code the scripts you’ll be using, maintain them, be sure they are up-to-date and safe… It can take hours! Using R2Devops pipeline generator,  you will create your CI/CD pipeline in a few minutes thanks to its interactive form!

Easy to use

R2 is our robot who will create your pipeline for you! How does it do? It’s really simple, R2 asks you only 10 simple questions. Then it will build the perfect pipeline for you, according to your answers. As you can imagine, everything is automatic, and you just have to upload your .gitlab-ci.yml configuration file created by R2 in your GitLab project!

Save time with the pipeline generator

As we said, with R2 you have your configuration file ready after only 10 questions. It means that in addition to be very easy to create, it is also very fast! With R2, you will need less than 3 minutes to create your configuration.

Of course, you can create yourself your CI/CD pipeline, but you’ll have to configure your pipeline, find all the jobs you need in R2Devops library, declare your variables and check for typos. In a nutshell, without R2, you will need much more time and may create errors.

Enhance security

With R2, you are sure to have a configuration file that fits your needs perfectly.  Thanks to its questions,  he will create the perfect pipeline for you and add all the jobs you need, even those you had never thought of! Then, you will be able to develop your projects with peace of mind, without thinking about the passwords or api keys that you might have pushed without realizing it.

Moreover, the security aspect is also reinforced regarding the quality of the jobs and their maintenance. Indeed, thanks to the help of the community, we make sure that the jobs are up-to-date and safe, with no security issues.

Our pipeline generator realize static tests with gitleaks, sls_scan and super_linter’s jobs. After that, it builds your documentation thanks to openapi and your code with docker_build. It also makes dynamic tests by using trivy_image and lighthouse’s jobs. Finally, it performs a semantic release and deploy your project on pages

What is R2Devops?

R2Devops is our library of jobs. Without jobs, you can’t create your CI/CD pipeline! They are the most fundamental elements of the .yml configuration file. A job is a script, meaning lines of code, doing a specific task on your code. A task can be: code review, tests, building documentation… anything that is necessary to develop a bug-free product.


R2Devops is designed to make developer’s life easier and allow them to easily create CI/CD pipeline. In the library, you will find ready-to-use jobs that you can customize to fit your project needs. Each job will execute a unique action on your development: look for security problem, check the quality of your code, run tests…

How it works

Without R2Devops, you have to write the code for your job (or find a job doing what you want), check for security issue and implement it on your pipeline.

With R2Devops, all the jobs are centralized in a unique place. You choose a job developed following high standards of quality and security, and you just need to copy/paste one line of code in your .gitlab-ci.yml file in order to use it. 

Once the job is added to your CI/CD pipeline, it automatically starts after each modification and does all the necessary checks in your branches. We manage the updates and the documentation for you! Furthermore, all our jobs are open-source, and we involve the community as much as possible.

Multitude of jobs

Many jobs are currently available for your GitLab projects. 

You have some jobs for static tests: they are done to avoid errors at an early stage of development, when it is easier to identify the errors and solve them.
The main purpose of static tests is to check any static elements, that doesn’t change regarding user data or data retrieved somewhere else. It also helps to find errors that may not be found by Dynamic Testing.

You also found jobs for dynamic tests (the main purpose of dynamic testing is to test software behavior with dynamic variables or variables which are not constant and finding weak areas in software runtime environment).

Finally, you have others jobs for building, prepare the software infrastructure, review, release and deploy!

What are strength of R2Devops pipeline generator?

In conclusion, the benefit of R2Devops pipeline generator is mainly that it is really easy and fast to use. In addition, it is based on a great library of customizable jobs that can fit your project’s needs! The jobs used in the pipeline generator are totally plug and play. Our pipeline generator would be nothing without R2Devops job’s library. This is why R2Devops library is as important as our pipeline generator!
In the future, our pipeline generator will evolve, and you will be able to customize it even more. More questions, more jobs to simplify your work