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When we talk about DevOps, we mainly think about the developments and the technological side of the method. However, DevOps is above all a culture putting the human and the soft skills at the core of a technical project!

DevOps culture

As a matter of fact, we talk about DevOps culture. This method is more than a succession of instructions and good practices that should be followed to the letter. The human factor and the willingness of your team are crucial to make the implementation of these processes a real success.

DevOps is born from the will to break silos between devs and ops team. The name is rather transparent, isn’t it? In order to do so, it is necessary to focus on the final objective of the project. Meaning: deliver an app with a high added value, answering the client’s needs!

DevOps, a human commitment to destroy silos between Dev and Ops

But DevOps is more than the disappearance of silos between the development’s teams. It is mainly a spirit to adopt by all the people working together on a project!

The place of the team in the methodology

You’ve got it, the members of your team have a core status in the adoption and the implementation of DevOps culture. They are the driving force!

Human values make DevOps moves forward

Implementing a DevOps culture for the management of your developments can demand a deep restructuring of the team spirit. Indeed, many values are integrated in the development processes. These values are the ones allowing the developers to work together efficiently, without losing sight of the projects’ quality.

One of the main value integrated in your DevOps team is Sharing. The information detained by a person should circulate inside the team, it’s mandatory. This way, everyone own the same visibility and knowledge on the project!

Sharing knowledge, on technical point, client’s feedback, or even ideas of improvement, allows the whole team to gain in skills. The worries and successes are mutualized, which will make your project move forward in the best way possible.

Furthermore, sharing will make grow the level of trust inside your team. Feeling confidence with their teammate, team members will feel more comfortable to speak about their ideas, becoming interested party of the project.

Adopt DevOps culture: the gain for your teams and your project

Adding to the gain of skills, thanks to DevOps culture, your team will gain in efficiency. The team member will be able to answer faster to the client’s needs, and in the best way possible. The trust in their abilities will grow, as well as the client confidence in the team.

Additionally, knowing what is happening all along the project, the team members will be able to involve themselves in other part of its life cycle. For example, a developer in charge of the performances and stability of the app’s code during the development can also take a look at the security of his code!

Where to begin

You don’t know where to start with DevOps culture? There are some advices that can help you. 👇

📌 Don’t rush: results won’t appear in a week.

📌 Focus on one element at a time! You will avoid spreading your effort.

📌 Track the results. In order to know if the changes implemented are efficient, you need to follow the results obtain at each step. This way, you can easily appreciate the efforts of your team and see if they are paying!

📌 Involve your team in the implementation of those changes. Let them decide the way they will be integrated in their routine!