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We are today in an era of permanent changes. Either in our personal lives or in our professional life, we want tools or even apps that can adapt to our desires. It is indisputable that our environment has to answer our needs and be in accordance with our requirements, which are evolving in a frenetic rhythm.

This situation poses a lot of challenges inside companies, particularly between the development and operative teams.

DevOps culture, a powerful tool for companies

📢 They have to adapt their work rhythm to answer those new demands and reach objectives that are always more constraining, in order to constantly create value.

The DevOps culture has grown in strength inside companies since the years 2010. By breaking down the existing silos between development and operative teams, this method smashes the compartmentalization in the development’s world, in order to answer efficiently the need of constant adaptability.

But what really is DevOps? How does this culture’s values can help you to answer your client’s needs? Which benefits can your company pull through it?

You will find the answers in this article!

The DevOps culture’s values

DevOps origins

Let’s begin with the beginning. Do you know what has motivated the apparition of DevOps? It is the strong will to harmonize the developers and operatives teams’ activities. 

📢 DevOps is born with the agility, or rather to make up for the lack of agility in some structures.

Originally, the “Ops” and “Dev” activities and objectives answered two different necessities. In one hand (the Dev), their core job is to offer innovations and changes, in order to answer the new client’s needs. On the other hand (the Ops), their activity goal is to maintain the operative conditions and stability of the existing platform.

As you guess, the changes asked by one team have a direct impact on the other one! The Devs constantly adjust the product, the Ops wish for stability. The relation to the time, the costs or even the quality are different, and become a source of conflict.

A  question arises: how to make work together those two teams with goals so separated, sometimes opposed?

DevOps Culture, the solution to erase the opposition between Dev and Ops

It is actually quite simple. You only have to offer them a long term goal, uniting their issues: creating value for the clients. This cornerstone is the core of DevOps methods, guiding the companies’ transformation and welding the Dev and Ops teams !

📢 It is a characteristic of Agile organizations to  adapt the development’s priorities with the users needs!

The basis of a new culture

The comportment changes involved by DevOps are majors. It is why we speak about the DevOps culture!

A few principles shape the central core.

To begin, the destruction of the silos between the development and the operative teams.

Comes then the use of a complete tooling, with a great number of Open Source softwares.

Finally, the processes’ evolution, with the apparition of the “Continuous anything”: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment

📢 Thanks to the connection of those three principles, the processes’ automation is eased and the teams motivation is stimulated!

DevOps is a collaborative culture, relying on strong values. In that way, your team’s members, from the developer to the integrator, without forgetting the network manager or the system administrators, form a whole, linked by common goals: the project success and the creation of value.

The 5 founder pillars of DevOps culture 

When we talk about DevOps, the acronym CALMS pops up repeatedly. It designs the 5 pillars of this method: Culture, Automatization, Lean, Measurement and Sharing


As we explain it, DevOps is in first place a culture: the collaboration between the Dev and Ops teams. This culture counts widely in the implementation of a DevOps method in your companies!


With the “Continuous Anything”, the processes’ automation is core to your DevOps strategy.


Lean is a process aimed at improving the quality and to make your company’s production profitable, while avoiding at most the waste of resources. In the DevOps context, implementing a lean strategy will favor the delivery of added value to your client, while minimizing long, costly and non-adding value processes.


The analysis of your app’s performance becomes a factor of success in DevOps method. Thanks to the analysis of several KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), you can quantify your results, and pull a strategy of continuous improvement.

Here are some KPI you can analyze:

📌 Your deployment frequency,

📌 Your deployment failure rates,

📌 The Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR),

📌 The number of client’s tickets,

📌 Your app availability.


Finally, this last pillar will allow you to judge the success of the implementation of DevOps method in your teams. This solidarity will be developed by the achievement of shared goals. 

Besides developing solidarity, knowledge sharing is central to DevOps culture. Your teams will be able to transfer their competences thanks to documentations. There already exist some really complete, such as gitlab Handbook!

DevOps benefits

Implementing a DevOps method will have positive impacts on several aspects of your company.

Firstly, the development and delivery cycles of your product will be more performant. The production and launch times will be reduced, as well as your time-to-market. Besides, your teams’ innovation capability will increase tenfold!

Then, the value creation for your client will better the user experience. Thanks to it, your return on investment will be faster.

To finish, on the human level, the main benefit is the change of attitude induced by DevOps culture. This approach allows developing team’s cohesion and empathy by removing the existing silos.

The benefits of DevOps culture

Go2Scale and the DevOps Culture

DevOps allows the merge of the strong points in your developers department with the one from your operative department. While putting down the walls between those two worlds, your company will shape a DevOps team far more powerful and efficient, able to adapt easily to the consumers’ needs evolution, as well as the society’s.

At Go2Scale, this DevOps culture is visible in the entirety of our internal and external processes ! We apply the pillars of DevOps practice and pull out of it daily learnings. Put in the center of our concerns the creation of value for our clients encourage us to work together and surpass ourselves.

It is why our experts are the designated people to train your employees and help you introduce the fundamental values of DevOps processes in your company!