integrate continuous improvement into your developments with DevOps

Developing an app is more and more complex. You need to handle the Dev and Ops teams to promote collaboration. Not forgetting the speed of development, to deliver new features and staying competitive. While taking into account the security of your app, one of the modern challenge we face today.

You feel like it is a lot? You don’t know how to reconcile your development teams while improving your performances? You can introduce DevOps methods in your teams!

Why being DevOps?

Smash silos between Dev and Ops

DevOps ‘method offers to change point of view. By giving your teams common and long-term goals, you also give them the possibility to work together and create a product that fits the client needs!

Gain speed

Narrow down the time between the development and the deployment by automating your processes. Evolve fast and stay competitive!

Boost your performances

Detect automatically and as soon as possible the problems, in order to lower the effort to correct them. This way, your developers can focus on the tasks they like and will deliver a high quality product!

Rely on modern technologies

Integrate in your process tools that evolve with your stakes and can adapt to your software life cycle development.

Wall of confusion between Devs and Ops

The steps of DevOps transition

We could think that DevOps is a magical answer to all your needs. Well, yes, training your teams to DevOps practices is the solution to fix your issues. But it will require an investment from your teams!

At Go2Scale, we are trained to ease the transition. We support you in the implementation of a process and an infrastructure adapted to your problems. Your employees can take in charge and make the solution evolve according to your needs!

CI/CD training
First step

Audit of the

company environment

Our team analysis your organization, your work environment and the way information spread, in order to notice the good practices and target the changes to implement.

Second step

Define an adapted


With the involvement of your teams, we will create the strategy made for your company. The tools and technologies must prove worthy of your abilities and ambition!

With the involvement of your teams, we will create the strategy made for your company. The tools and technologies must prove worthy of your abilities and ambition!

Second step
Third step

Set up and training

of your teams

Define an adapted


We train your teams and support them in the transition process to DevOps methods. We ensure they gain in autonomy and maturity, in order to handle the projects without our support in the long term!

DevOps advantages

Thanks to DevOps culture, you can improve your development projects and play your cards right.

Calm while deploying

Deploy without stress, even a Friday evening

Faster ROI

Get a faster  return on investment

Performance | valeur Go2Scale

Enjoy a better cohesion in your team

Performance | valeur Go2Scale

Benefit from improve performances

Innovation in DevOps

Increase your innovation ability tenfold

They trust us

 They improve the way we work

With Go2Scale we were able to maximize DevSecOps workflow in the team.
Moreover, the agile methodology introduced by Go2Scale was highly appreciated from the team members.

Nikola Bradaš

Business Development Consultant, Serbia

❝ I now deliver several times a week!

They totally improved my development workflow with their DevSecOps expertise and the agile project management. Thanks to Go2Scale for sharing their skills & enthusiasm with the team.

Nikola Arsic

Frontend Developer, Serbia

Ask Go2Scale to support you in your transition!


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