Comment manager son temps en gestion de projet ?

How to handle properly time in project management?

7 min read In this article, we present you the laws and theories about time management in projects. It is essential to understand the principles of time management, in order to have impact on them, especially if you…

La Definition Of Done en gestion de projet Scrum

Definition Of Done: a recipe for optimal results

4 min read Everybody has already lived this situation or a similar one. You are cooking your favorite chocolate’s cake. The plate is in the oven, the kitchen is cleared and the dishes are cleaned. You announce that your cake is done…

Le déploiement Continu dans les processus DevOps

Continuous deployment in DevOps process, a must-have

4 min read The principal of Continuous Deployment is the automatization of your software deployment thanks to jobs in your pipeline. Discover in this article why and how to implement it !

Intégration Continue : étape clé des process DevOps

Continuous Integration: key step of DevOps’s process

4 min read Continuous Integration is an essential process! Indeed, it ensures quality, security, and a good time to market.
Today, I decided to explain what is Continuous Integration (known as CI). My goal is to show you why you should implement CI in your teams ! Your developers will say thank you.