Agile coaching, a key to succeed your developments

It is not easy to answer your clients expectations, which are evolving more and more. Not to mention the technologies, always changing.

You feel like you are not competitive anymore? That you deliver product that are not in tune with your market? You want to give meaning to your projects and maximize the value creation? Support collaboration and make your team aware of their responsibilities? There is a solution to take on all these challenges!

Be Agile to be competitive

Rest assured, the goal of agility in project management is not to touch your feet while standing with your legs stretches! Agile methodologies allow you to adapt to the constant changes you face (for example, your clients expectations). Contrary to traditional methods (v cycle, waterfall…), Agile’s ones will help you to develop your project in record time. You’ll be sure to answer your clients needs, which get clearer and sharper with time.

Traditional methods vs agile methods

Benefits of Agile project management

Your team improve continuously

Thanks to shared experiences and feedback, your team work in full transparency and trust each other.

Your ProjectS are delivered faster

You stay competitive and reduce your time-to-market while answering to your clients’ needs!

The client is involved in the project

His opinion is taken into account all along the product creation, with several feedback sessions.

An Agile personalized support

You want your team to be autonomous and responsible while listening to your client? Our team is certified to support you in this transition!

badge PSPOI - Scrum
Badge PSMI - Scrum
First step

Audit of the

company environment

We realize a full analysis of your actual processes, to target the improvement axis. We take a close look at your internal procedures, the good practices already in place and the tools you use. Don’t worry, we won’t come and destroy all! The goal is to rely on what works already in your company.

Second step

Define an adapted


In partnership with your teams, we build the strategy matching your needs and ambitions. While involving your team, you ensure the success of your agile’s transition!

In partnership with your teams, we build the strategy matching your needs and ambitions. While involving your team, you ensure the success of your agile’s transition!

Second step
Third step

Set up and training

of your teams

Define an adapted


We support you in the implementation of your strategy with your clients and suppliers. We train your team, so they gain in autonomy and efficiency. The creation of value is our first objective!

Choose a Go2Scale Agile coach

A proven method

Strong of 10 years of experiences and enthusiastic for continuous trainings, we are up-to-date on all Agile subject, and can support our clients in their Agile transition.

Our best asset: our commitment

Going from traditional methods to Agile’s ones can be challenging. We make ourselves available to support your teams in this change!

Transparency, token of quality

We are fully transparent with you, with your team and all your project’s contributors, to evolve in an environment suitable for success!

They trust us

One of the best project managers

The CEO of Go2Scale is one of the best project managers I have had the opportunity to work with during my career.

Efficiency, commitment, precision, conviction punctuate its actions.

Loyalty, openness, social intelligence permeate his professional relationships!

Benjamin Cottez

IT Project DIrector, Sopra Steria

They bring value!

They will guide your team to implement custom DevSecOps solutions to reach your business objectives easier. They are focused on improving your way to work and implement sustainable solutions.

By working with Go2Scale, you will really appreciate their reactivity and their will to understand your challenges. 

Nicole Bizard

Sales training manager

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