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Did you dream of a tool that optimizes your time when you are building and customizing your projects’ CI and CD pipelines? A tool which helps you to deploy faster? A tool that gives you the opportunity to focus on what you like: develop fantastic projects? Then open your eyes and discover R2Devops, a DevOps’ platform created to ease devs’ daily life and enhance their workflow!

The power of CI and CD pipelines integrated to a DevOps’ platform

Today, the ability for a development team to produce quickly high quality and secured software becomes mandatory. And this ability comes from more than only the capacity to develop fast! The tools you use, the automation processes… they all have a part to play in your workflows. 

Let’s see how R2Devops, a DevOps’ platform, can ease your task and allow you focus on what really matters to you! Because, let’s be honest, we are always more productive when we can work on the tasks we like and automate the ones that requires time and energy. 🚀

📌 At Go2Scale, our mission is to simplify the developers’ life by providing DevOps methodologies as a service. DevOps is a large field with a huge ecosystem of open-source tools and services such as Ansible, Docker, Gitlab, Jenkins, Git, Kubernetes, Helm … Today, we focus on providing you a seamless way to implement efficient Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines without effort, thanks to a simple layer between you and your pipeline’s platform: R2Devops!

CI and CD pipelines, a core methodology in developers’ life

Implementing efficient CI and CD pipelines is one of many requirements that can help you to develop your project seamlessly. But when the subject of Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment comes at the beginning of a project, it is often neglected by lack of time or skills. Sometimes, all the team members are not familiar with those methods. Or they don’t know how to implement and maintain those pipelines. This is a big mistake, that turns out to be very costly in mid and long run!

Even when your team is using CI and CD pipelines, it can be painful for development teams to build them again and again for each project. The tasks are always the same: identify required jobs, test a dozen of tools, design and implement jobs as a complete pipeline. Not to mention the maintenance… 

📌 All this time invested in those chores means also less time for developers to do what they love: develop software. 

This is where R2Devops steps in. This platform for developers is the first one offering the functionalities of DevOps as a service. By using the hub of this DevOps’ platform, you will access a great number of Open Source (and closed source) jobs, and you will be able to configure your CI and CD pipelines in just a few clicks!

R2Devops, a powerful platform for developers

R2Devops, a DevOps' platform to ease developers' life

In addition to a tool that supports developers in their work, R2Devops is also a collaborative DevOps’ platform of CI & CD ready to use jobs. It will help you to easily build powerful pipelines for your projects. Basically, you can select any job from the hub and decide to include it in your pipeline. The real strength of R2Devops is the community: all the members would be able to exchange insights on the jobs, and complete the DevOps’ platform with the tool they are using!

All the jobs from the developers’ hub work out with the box leveraging of CI and CD standards and best practices. However, we know that each development project have its own part of specific nuances, and we permit the customization of each job as much as needed. By selecting independently jobs of the DevOps’ platform, you can easily create fully customized pipelines. And bonus: you can use them for any kind of software and deployment type, or with already existing pipelines! Jobs from R2Devops can be easily integrated into your existing development environment.

📌 R2Devops’ hub isn’t intrusive. You can benefit from it and keep your favorite production environment. The hub is a layer between you and your pipeline’s platform that ease your life. R2Devops is an agnostic platform that allows you to run your jobs transparently, on any CI and CD runner, using Docker images. Nevertheless, the vast majority of jobs on the platform are currently focused on Gitlab-runner.

How does this DevOps’ platform work?

We provide a comprehensive documentation to guide you using the DevOps’ platform: R2Devops hub. All the details regarding the use of the platform are available on our website.

Getting started with R2Devops developers’ hub

The first steps to get started are quite simple. To set up properly your pipeline:

  • Open your Gitlab project,
  • Select the jobs you want to use among the jobs available on R2Devops
  • Create a file named “.gitlab-ci.yml” at the root of your repository with the following content:

  – static_tests
  – build
  – dynamic_tests
  – review
  – deployment

# Jobs from the hub
  – remote: ‘https://jobs.r2devops.io/latest/docker_build.yml’
  – remote: ‘https://jobs.r2devops.io/0.1.0/mkdocs.yml’

  • Then, jobs from the hub are included and running in your pipelines, enjoy 🎉 !
  • All jobs are ready to work for standard case. Feel free to personalize them by using variables described in jobs pages or by manually customizing them.

To dig deeper in this developers’ platform

Go take a look at our blog, where you will find other articles on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment topics. All the information to become familiar with the DevOps’ platform are gathered there as well as in our website.

📌 We are already working on so much new amazing features to complete our DevOps’ platform. All this tooling will help you to build, run and deploy your pipelines with fewer efforts. R2Devops is a community platform: you are our principal preoccupation. So feel free to join us in our Discord Community for any questions, remarks or job suggestions!